I was born in 1968 in Mauritius.

I live in Toulouse, France, and work as a sculptress and a teacher in ceramics.

My sculptures use different materials, ceramics, bronze, wood, metal, and different techniques from raku to patina.

In my work I try to look for the souls of things, what lies beneath the surface.

Art doesn’t need words, it is a powerful language in itself. The language of the soul, where feelings speak for themselves.

I would like my sculptures to invite you to look beyond appearances and find what is hiding there.

In my opinion real beauty is not what you see at first glance, it lies deeper, beyond analysis. If you feel something in front of a sculpture, then there is beauty.

I like to play with contrasts and materials, with associations of curves, lines and ridges, and also with disproportions used in a specific way, until finally an equilibrium is achieved.

My work is instinctive and searches for this equilibrium. It produces some sort of affective geometry in my sculptures, which may look like an opposition but is singular enough to catch the eye and lead to thoughts about the sculpture as a whole.

To extract a hidden essence and produce feelings.

That is the rhythm, the language of my sculptures, of my art.

Jennifer Court